A function to calculate the total allowable catch (TAC). Based on the MSY (maximum sustainable yield) principle, the TAC is the product of either UMSY or FMSY and the available biomass, i.e. vulnerable biomass, in terminal year.

TAC_MSY(Assessment, reps, MSY_frac = 1)



An Assessment object with estimates of UMSY or FMSY and terminal year vulnerable biomass.


The number of stochastic draws of UMSY or FMSY.


The fraction of FMSY or UMSY for calculating the TAC (e.g. MSY_frac = 0.75 fishes at 75% of FMSY).


A vector of length reps of stochastic samples of TAC recommendation. Returns NA's if missing either UMSY/FMSY or vulnerable biomass.


calculate_TAC is deprecated as of version 1.2 in favor of TAC_MSY because the latter has a more informative name.